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Hedvall Stränginstrument

In a workshop on the riverbank there lived an instrument maker, not small drafty workshop filled with damp air and strange smells, no a warm comfortable place full of fine wood and color, smelling of homemade varnish and sawdust, with bright strings and the odd shaving. Children's laughter filled the garden outside while the maker bent over the bench and tried to find that elusive perfect tone.

Johan Hedvall has been making musical instruments since 1995 constantly improving, forever changing designs, always searching for that perfect tone, starting to think maybe it's just tinnitus..

Got some well needed education in Ireland on harp making in '98 by Paul Doyle, retaught and occasionally reprimanded by Roger Rose for three years at West Dean collage right after in the very fine art of Viol making. Made clavichord and houses, that is, organs for the University of Göteborg for a few years before finding a wife to elope with. Finally striking out and making instruments for grace and glory in 2008. Making primarily harps and viols.